Dirty Straight Guys

Everyday rough, manly, dirty, hardworkin, straight men. Yum!


About Me

I work as a sausage-maker in St. Louis, Missouri.  I’m 39yo.

Here are my turn ons:  sweat, dirt, grime, man must, armpits, uniforms, alpha males, macho attitudes, military, police, firefighters, blue collar workers, street trade, laborers, wifebeaters, football and rugby players, sporty cubs, bisexual and married men.

My tumblr features “candid” shots of guys that fit my likes.  Rarely will you find a professional portrait on here.  Even if its a hot dude, I usually won’t post it if it is a “professional” photo.  You will also see photos I have taken as I enjoy photography…so you will see originals not seen elsewhere.

If you have a pic you think I would enjoy, send it to me.  USE THE SUBMIT BUTTON ON MY TUMBLR.  I’ll make you an internet star!

PS - The icon for my blog is me from the back.  There is one other photo in here that is me, but I’ll let you try to figure out which one it is. ;)